Vision and Objective

Our Vision

Rivers are the lifeline of civilization, not least the Indian civilization. For not only do rivers provide fresh water, food, energy and other valuables to humans, they also receive, purify and carry away waste waters and provide economic means of transport by navigation.

Rivers are dynamic actors on landscape scales matching human actions in their scope of spatial influence and impact. The degradation of rivers in modern times has, therefore, had equally far-reaching and at times cataclysmic consequences on humans, with unexpected floods, droughts and water borne diseases being the most common disasters caused by distressed rivers. Considering the facts the restoration and conservation of river Tapi is therefore of utmost importance for sustaining humanity and ecology through present and future generations of Surat City.

Our Objective

The prime objective of the work is to improve the water quality of river Tapi, which is the major resource of drinking water for citizens of Surat city. Protection of river Tapi from any further degradation and thereby improvisation and restoration of the river water quality.

For obtaining desired results relevant wastewater management is major activity to be performed. For the purpose of which Surat municipal Corporation has identified the major outlets adding wastewater to the river Tapi between the stretch from Kakarapar Barrage to ONGC Bridge. The above mentioned area have been considered as the principal area for the pollution abatement for improvisation and restoration of the river water quality.